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Nursery Life


1 - 5 Years Old Term Time Only

Communication, Socialising and Playing

Our 1-5 year olds are learning the skills to communicate, socialise, play with and alongside other children.  Learning to interact with others, building relationships and turn taking are key to being successful at school.  The children are able to practice independent skills such as pouring their own drinks, toilet training and practicing dressing themselves, all at their own pace and with support from our practitioners.

The characteristics of effective learning are greatly used to support all aspects of their development.

Breakfast Club

What better way to start the day

Our breakfast club is available for children 1-5 years, the morning begins at 8am with cereals and toast for breakfast.  The children are then able to chose their activities.  


Learning Through Play

In the moment planning

Our "In the Moment Planning" provides the children with a learning environment that supports their interests as well as their "next steps" of development. 

Our practitioners will plant items, such as numbers and letters within the activities.  As the child plays, our practitioners will delicately be asking open ended questions to enhance their knowledge. 

Regular assessments will take place, which will identify any areas of the Early Years Foundation stage that a child may need support with, these will then become the focus for activities for the following period.

We ensure that all children make progress in all areas of development, every child is an individual.


Positive Behaviour

We promote positive behaviour at the nursery by role modelling, supported interactions and providing our children opportunities to make their own rules for the setting in an age appropriate way. 

We offer a minimum of two settling in sessions which are tailored to your child's individual needs. This enables positive relationships between, practitioners, children and parents, as well as giving the children short visits to acquaint themselves with the setting.

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